Random Number Generator - Hypergeometric Distribution



The Hypergeometric distribution is a discrete distribution.  It is alike the Binomial distribution.  Both of the Hypergeometric distribution and the Binomial distribution describe the number of times an event happens in a fixed number of trials.  The difference between the two distributions is that Binomial distribution trials are independent, while Hypergeometric distribution trials change the probability for each subsequent trial and are called "sampling without replacement."  The Hypergeometric distribution can be used to describe sampling from a population.  The Playing Card Probability example in the Excel VBA Project section demonstrates such usage.  Click the below link to see the example on the web:

The following example shows input and output from 3 simulations.  Each with the different parameters listed in the table below.  All three simulations have 50,000 iterations and alpha of 5% (for 1 tail test).

The output shows the estimate of skewness, mean, stand deviation, maximum value, minimum value, lower confidence interval, and upper confidence interval from each of the 3 simulations. 

The following shows the charts generated from the 3 simulations.

Complete program (with open source codes) available in Package Set 2 and the Combo Package.